The organisation’s governance is essentially the role of the board, with day-to-day management delegated to the chief executive officer and the senior management group. The CEO and senior management operate under the accountability and reporting framework established by the board.  This framework monitors progress against targets established in the board's strategic, business and management plans.


Our board has responsibility for overall management and strategic development of the organisation. The values of the board reflect those of the organisation: people focused, quality and excellence and innovation. In line with these values, the organisation’s code of conduct guides the actions and decisions of the board.

Board Chair - Felicity Melican

Board directors - Susan Brumby, Mark Fidge, Chris Holloway, Sandy Burgoyne, Bill Brown, Steven Waterhouse, Brian Crook, Jacinta Ermacora and Ann Ellis.   

Executive Group

Day-to-day management of the organisation is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Executive Management Group (executive). The CEO and executive operate under a reporting and accountability framework. This framework monitored progress against targets established in the board’s strategic plans.

Mark Fidge - Chief Executive Officer

Jason Ernst - Executive Manager, Corporate Services

Louise Cameron – Executive Manager, Education

John Flett - Executive Manager, Education

Geraldine Lewis - Executive Manager, Stakeholder Engagement  

SWTAFE Statement of Corporate Intent 2016-2018