Certificate IV in Engineering

Free TAFE course
Course Code MEM40105
Locations Warrnambool, Portland
Study Mode Part-time, On Campus
Length 12 months
Commencement Apply any time
Timetable 1 night per week
Course Overview

Take your career to the next level with this advanced, post-trade qualification. Use your engineering skills to specialise in computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing, hydraulics, pneumatics and welding certificates. 

What will I Learn?

You can negotiate and select from the offerings below to build a learning pathway that will develop your skills and knowledge in the following:

  • Welding/fabrication certification
  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics systems
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) including:
    • Computer numerical control (CNC) machining
    • CNC Lathes
    • CNC plasma cutting
    • CNC laser cutting
    • Basic robotic operations
    • 3D Printing

Course Outcomes and Career Opportunities

Upon successful completion, you will be equipped to gain employment as a foreman in the engineering industry.

Information Session

Why don’t you come along to our next course info session to find out everything you need to start your learning journey? You can chat with our teachers, tour our facilities, learn more about the course, find out about the application process and get your questions answered by our course experts. 

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Course Requirements
Entrance requirements & pre-requisites

You must have completed an engineering or related apprenticeship to apply for this course.

Your application will include an interview to determine if you are appropriate for this course pathway. We will take into consideration any related experience, eligibility and career progression.

Units offered

Core Units

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Unit Code Unit Name Unit Hours Unit Consumables
MEM12023A Perform engineering measurements 30 $3.00
MEM12024A Perform computations 30 $13.00
MEM13014A Apply principles of occupational health and safety in the work environment 10 $15.00
MEM14004A Plan to undertake a routine task 10 $3.00
MEM14005A Plan a complete activity 20 $2.00
MEM15002A Apply quality systems 20 $4.00
MEM15024A Apply quality procedures 10 $2.00
MEM16006A Organise and communicate information 20 $2.00
MEM16007A Work with others in a manufacturing, engineering or related environment 10 $0.00
MEM16008A Interact with computing technology 20 $0.00
MEM17003A Assist in the provision of on the job training 20 $0.00
MSAENV272B Participate In Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices 30 $0.00

Elective Units

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Unit Code Unit Name Unit Hours Unit Consumables
MEM03003B Perform sheet and plate assembly 40 $2.00
MEM05004C Perform routine oxy acetylene welding 20 $3.00
MEM05005B Carry out mechanical cutting 20 $5.00
MEM05006C Perform Brazing And/Or Silver Soldering 20 $3.00
MEM05007C Perform manual heating and thermal cutting 20 $4.00
MEM05009C Perform automated thermal cutting 20 $50.00
MEM05010C Apply Fabrication, Forming And Shaping Techniques 80 $3.00
MEM05011D Assemble Fabricated Components 80 $3.00
MEM05012C Perform routine manual metal arc welding 20 $4.00
MEM05015D Weld Using Manual Metal Arc Welding Process 40 $3.00
MEM05016C Perform advanced welding using manual metal arc welding process 40 $3.00
MEM05017D Weld Using Gas Metal Arc Welding Process 40 $4.00
MEM05018C Perform advanced welding using gas metal arc welding process 40 $3.00
MEM05019D Weld Using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process 40 $3.00
MEM05020C Perform advanced welding using gas tungsten arc welding process 40 $4.00
MEM05023C Weld using submerged arc welding process 40 $100.00
MEM05026C Apply Welding Principles 40 $65.00
MEM05036C Repair/replace/modify fabrications 40 $2.00
MEM05037C Perform Geometric Development 60 $11.00
MEM05042B Perform welds to code standards using flux core arc welding process 60 $100.00
MEM05043B Perform welds to code standards using gas metal arc welding process 60 $100.00
MEM05044B Perform welds to code standards using gas tungsten arc welding process 60 $100.00
MEM05045B Perform pipe welds to code standards using manual metal arc welding process 60 $100.00
MEM05046B Perform welds to code standards using manual metal arc welding process 60 $100.00
MEM05047B Weld using flux core arc welding process 40 $15.00
MEM05048B Perform advanced welding using flux core arc welding process 40 $20.00
MEM05049B Perform routine gas tungsten arc welding 20 $4.00
MEM05050B Perform routine gas metal arc welding 20 $4.00
MEM05051A Select welding processes 20 $35.00
MEM05052A Apply safe welding practices 40 $24.00
MEM07005C Perform General Machining 80 $12.00
MEM07006C Perform Lathe Operations 40 $4.00
MEM07007C Perform Milling Operations 40 $2.00
MEM07021B Perform complex lathe operations 40 $4.00
MEM07032B Use workshop machines for basic operations 20 $0.00
MEM09002B Interpret technical drawing 40 $47.00
MEM09022A Create 2D code files using computer aided manufacture system 40 $5.00
MEM09023A Create 3D code files using computer aided manufacturing system 60 $5.00
MEM12006C Mark Off/Out (General Engineering) 40 $2.00
MEM12007D Mark Off/Out Structural Fabrications And Shapes 40 $2.00
MEM18001C Use hand tools 20 $5.00
MEM18002B Use power tools/hand held operations 20 $4.00
MEM18003C Use tools for precision work 40 $9.00
MEM18004B Maintain and overhaul mechanical equipment 40 $3.00
MEM18005B Perform fault diagnosis, installation and removal of bearings 40 $3.00
MEM18006C Repair And Fit Engineering Components 60 $9.00
MEM18007B Maintain and repair mechanical drives and mechanical transmission assemblies 40 $5.00
MEM18009B Perform levelling and alignment of machines and engineering components 40 $4.00
MEM18018C Maintain pneumatic system components 40 $20.00
MEM18020B Maintain hydraulic system components 40 $20.00
MEM18055B Dismantle, replace and assemble engineering components 30 $0.00
Pre-training review

The pre-training review assists SWTAFE staff to determine whether this course is the most suitable for you at this time, and also identify any support needs you may require once you commence your studies. It takes about an hour to complete. Once you apply for your chosen course a link to the pre-training review will be emailed to you.

Skills Recognition

Your current skills, knowledge and experience can contribute to help you get a qualification. Learn more about skills recognition and how it may benefit you here.  

Unique Student Identifier

If you are studying nationally recognised training in Australia, you are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Your USI links to an online account that contains your training records and results for training completed from 1 January 2015 onwards. One of the main benefits of the USI is the ability to provide you with easy access to your training records and results throughout your life and this will assist you when applying for a job or enrolling in further study. You are required to have a USI at the time of enrolment – especially if you want to use VET Student Loans to defer your fees. To apply online or get more information go to www.usi.gov.au.


This course involves accredited units.  You will be required to complete assessment tasks to demonstrate your underpinning knowledge, skills and attributes to meet the course outcomes.  A combination of written, oral and practical assessment strategies will be used in either a classroom, online or workplace environment. 

Where units require demonstration of skills in a workplace environment, you will have the opportunity to do this either in your own workplace (where appropriate), through a practical placement, or by using one of the Institute's simulated workshops/classrooms.  Detailed information about the types, conduct and dates of assessments will be provided in advance.  You will also be provided with information about the opportunity for reassessment and appeal.

Course Fees

Everyone has different circumstances that can affect what you pay and how much you pay. Your fees each year are made up of 2 different elements:

  • Tuition fee
  • Consumables/material fee

There are 3 different rates of Tuition fees. Only one will apply to you depending on your eligibility and circumstances. The 3 categories include:

  • Government subsidised
  • Government subsidised (concession)
  • Full fee

The fees listed below are indicative only and may be subject to change without notice and given individual circumstances. Your actual fees will be calculated based on your individual circumstances at the time of enrolment. Funding made available to eligible individuals by State and Commonwealth Governments. If funding is utilised, this may affect future opportunities to access additional funding in the future. 

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Student type Indicative Course Fee
Government subsidised rate (if eligible) $3,700.00
Concession rate $740.00
Full fee rate (if not eligible for govt subsidy) $20,060.00
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Fee type Indicative Course Fee
Maximum Consumable/Materials Fee $550.00
Maximum Consumables/Materials Fees

Maximum Consumables/Materials Fees are made up of course consumables, core unit consumables and the maximum elective units you will pay. Final costs will be determined at enrolment.  

Which fee applies to me?

Skills First Exemptions
Government eligibility exemptions for TAFE via Skills First funding gives you greater access to study with TAFE at an affordable price.

The good news is, that there are now a reduced number of criteria for you to meet in order to be eligible for a Government subsidy. If you don’t meet those criteria you will be a full fee paying student.

Government Subsidised Fee
You meet all Skills First eligibility criteria but DO NOT hold a current healthcare or pension card, OR you are eligible for a Skills First exemption.

Concession Fee
You meet all eligibility criteria AND hold a current healthcare or pension card, that you can provide at enrolment. It’s important to

note that the concession rate is only applicable for Certificate l to Certificate lV courses and students who have declared their ATSI origin.

Full fee
Full fees only apply to the few students who do not meet the Skills First eligibility criteria, do not qualify for an exemption or are enrolling in course that is not government subsidised.

Check your fees eligibility here.

How do I pay my fees?

Unless an alternative fee payment method is approved, your course fees are required to be paid upfront and in full at the time of enrolment.  If your personal circumstances mean that payment in full is not possible, then you may be able to pay your fees by

  • Payment Plan
  • Centre Pay
  • VET Student Loan (Diploma & Advanced Diploma only)

SWTAFE offers a range of scholarships each year which you may be eligible to apply for to assist with enrolment fees.

Next Steps
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