How to apply

We offer a wide range of courses to cover your interests and aspirations. Our website and course guide are great sources of information to help you make your choice, or keep a look out for our advertised information sessions. For more information about studying the right course to help you gain your dream job, or for advice about pathways into university courses, contact our Education Pathways Officers (EPOs) on 1300 648 911.

Step 1. Select and apply for a course

There are different application methods depending on the type of course you are seeking to enrol into.

General courses
You are required to apply and enrol directly with us. Closing dates and requirements for the direct applications can vary between each department and course. All applicants are encouraged to check the course information on the website or to contact our customer service team for further information.
Apply for your chosen course.

Apprenticeships & traineeships
In order to undertake any apprenticeship or traineeship training with us, you must first be employed as an apprentice/trainee under a training contract and must be referred to South West TAFE via your employer and the Australian Apprentice Support Network.

Short course enrolments
For courses that do not have any Government funding the application and enrolment process is done online via our website – our customer service team is happy to assist you in this process. 

Step 2. Complete a pre-training review

As part of the application process you will need to complate a pre-training review to confirm that the course you are seeking to enrol into meets your individual needs, career aspirations and if relevant, your workplace requirements.

The information gathered through this process will enable us to understand your training needs, your current competencies that relate to the course, provide an opportunity for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and will ensure that your language, literacy and numeracy skills suit the learning and assessment strategies of the course.

We will use this pre-training review to provide you with the support you require in areas such as language, literacy, learning and assessment, to ensure you will get the best outcome for your course.

Step 3. Recognition of prior  qualifications and prior learning

If you have previous skills or qualifications relevant to the course you are wishing to enrol into, you may be eligible for skills recognition or exemptions. Qualifications issued under the Australian Qualifications Framework and Statements of Attainment awarded by other Registered Training Organisations will be accepted without further assessment. Please make an appointment with your teacher or the course coordinator prior to completing the application form.

Prior skills and learning recognition 

Most people acquire their skills and knowledge over a period of time outside the formal education system, and as a result they do not have any qualifications.

Skills Recognition enables you to have your current skills and knowledge recognised and assessed against nationally-recognised qualifications. It also identifies any skill gaps you may have, meaning you will only have to do training in the areas you need to – it’s a fast way to achieve your goals and gain a qualification!

If you have:

  • Years of industry or business experience but no qualifications
  • Trade skills
  • Paid or unpaid work experience (e.g. voluntary or community work)
  • Life experience (e.g. travel, sport, hobbies, family)
  • Completed short course studies
  • Completed previous study

And you want:

  • A ‘piece of paper’
  • To update your skills
  • To return to study but are time poor
  • A promotion or career change
  • To identify the skills and knowledge of your staff
  • Help to develop your workforce
  • Industry compliance documentation

Let us help you recognise the work and life skills you already have. We can help match and document your skills and knowledge against a qualification.

Skills Recognition can:

  • Count your existing skills and knowledge towards a qualification.
  • Enhance your career options.
  • Help you complete a qualification in a short amount of time.
  • Reduce the duplication of learning in areas you already have skills.
  • Reduce study costs (as well as other associated costs, such as books, child care, etc).
  • Lighten your study load, leaving you time to do other things (e.g. part-time work).
  • Provide opportunities to support staff development in your business.
  • Increase business competitiveness by producing well trained staff.

To be deemed competent, you will need to demonstrate your ability to work to the current standards set by industry.

Rapid technological or legislative changes have a major impact on the currency of workplace knowledge. In some situations, skills and knowledge acquired as recently as two years ago may already have become outdated, while in other industries, skills and knowledge may not have changed for a considerable period of time.

Our staff understand that the skills recognition process may seem daunting at first. To assist you, a staff member will be assigned to support you through the process.

You may receive RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) through an ‘assessment only’ process before training commences. 
RPL will be discussed with you as part of your pre-training review process. If this has not occurred prior to enrolment, please speak with your course coordinator. If you are assessed as having satisfied the requirements of a particular competency or unit by virtue of previously acquired skills and knowledge, the assessment will be recorded as exempt.


If you can produce evidence of previously completed units that are equivalent to a unit/s in your course you may apply for an exemption from that subject.

For an exemption to be granted, the unit must be completed through a Registered Training Organisation or other educational institution.

Exemption options will be discussed with you as part of your pre-training review process. If this has not occurred prior to enrolment, please speak with your course coordinator.

Step 4. Enrolment

Once you have successfully completed the application process, you will receive confirmation to proceed to a customer service centre to enrol including an Enrolment Flyer with all of the information you need to enrol.

What to bring

  • Your completed and signed enrolment form
  • Australian Birth Certificate or Current Australian Passport (Or Current New Zealand Passport) or A GREEN Medicare Card
  • A CURRENT Driver’s Licence or Learner’s Permit, ‘Keypass’ Card, or Proof Of Age Card
  • Health Care Card (or digital wallet), Pensioner Concession Card or Veterans Gold Card with a start date prior to your course
    commencement date (if applying for concession rates)
  • Authority to invoice (if a third party is paying your fees)
  • Any relevant Statement of Attainment to support identified Credits
  • If you are under 17 and have been cleared to enrol by the Department of Education OR have a completed Transition from
    School Form, bring this documentation with you.
  • Year 12 Certificate or Certificate IV or higher documentation (only applicable if using a VET Student Loan)

Find out more about fees and payment options.