Our values

We are looking for people who have the relevant skills, attributes and qualifications and have a passion for high quality education and working within a learning environment

Our ambition

 Future-focused education that creates a lifetime of opportunity and employability.

Our purpose

What we do

We deliver a modern and fresh approach to helping generations develop the skills they need for the futures they aspire to.

Who we do it for

For the communities and industries of South West Victoria and beyond…in new and emerging markets.

How we do it

Collaboratively, cleverly, creatively and courageously.

Our values

People Focused

We put the customer first. We tailor our approach so every learner is successful and we exceed the expectations of every employer. We invest in our staff to keep them at the cutting edge of practice.

Quality and Excellence

  • We strive to exceed expectations.
  • We think BOLDLY and find ways of doing things better. Always.
  • We aim to distinguish ourselves and stand out from the rest.
  • We act with integrity.


We constantly seek innovation through:

  • A dynamic approach.
  • Being responsive to the community.
  • Collaboration with industry.
  • Fresh thinking.
  • Flexible and adaptive practices.